How CannaTech Groups Can Gain An Edge

You want backing when things pop up, right?  You want to make sure the project flows and you are ready when something happens.  You are ready, right?  You've considered the costs, the time, the people, and the processes.  You're valuing the questions and ideas that arise.  Sometimes, the challenge gets a bit ambiguous and it's easy to miss stuff. 

A way to prevent that is to break what you're doing down into the big steps.  You develop, you test, you release.  Write out who is involved for each step.  You have coders, project managers, funders, users, etc.  Now spend a little bit of time learning how they are involved at each step.  Go ask them what they think.  Watch what they do.  Realize how they feel.  Listen to what they say.  It's good to record these insights.

Now take those insights and test what you're building against them.  Get it in front of the people involved and test it out.  The sooner you do it, the less expensive it's going to cost.