So Many Cannabusinesses are making Costly Mistakes

The cannabis industry in America is hitting a growth milestone.  Lot's of people are trying to set up shop and each state is handling it a differently.  With so much competition, what sets your businesses apart?  What will continue to set you apart?

To try to keep up, lots of cannabusinesses are rushing headlong and as many of us have seen, burning out.  What are you doing to make it all the way?  Are you just taking the loudest voice in the room and running with it?  Is your team kowtowing to your say even if it may not be the best option?  Hopefully not.  At the minimum, you and your team should be doing a few minutes of lateral thinking to determine if there are good alternatives.  If there aren't more suitable selections, then you will have some support to reinforce your decision.

If you're not already applying lateral thinking, then give it a try.  if you already are, then write to us and share your thoughts.