Future Thinking on Your Cannabusiness Competition

Reading about Oregon's oversupply issue that's driving down prices, overflooding the market.... this isn't just in the growing/production industry.  If you're reading this then you might have a few hats in the ring.  If you're the biggest or the first fish in that sea, you've got that. Not everybody is.  I'm wondering how many of you all are taking considerations to differentiate yourselves to reduce competition.  Why do you want to have competition?  Move beyond them. 

Look at it the is way...it's a wide open sea right now.  You can see it, can't you?  You're already making big moves and setting up for future enterprise.  It's a perfect time to do it in the cannabis industry.  Even Forbes is talking about how different cannabusinesses are setting themselves apart and developing their niche.  Some niches are bigger than others.

The big question is how are you going to continue to differentiate yourself when you are faced with real competition?  Don't be like United Airlines and Delta and slug it out for customers.  That's a waste of time and resources.  In the words of Henry Rollins, "You're not dumb are you?"  Set yourself apart.  Keep setting yourself apart.  Every time a new company jumps up grab a piece of the pie you're eating, you need to be pulling another pie out the oven for yourself.

Eventually, someone else is going to try and do what you are doing.  Be sure to be a step ahead by that point.  If you are interested in staying that way then drop us a line and we can talk about your future.